Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Dylan

My first born, my only male child turned 18 today. Eighteen years ago at 6:19 am Dylan took his first breath, his first step towards independence and I took my first step of the motherhood expedition. He's taken many steps since then and will take many more and I hope I will still be allowed to watch on the sidelines. We've had some rough times lately but I am still allowed to love him and hug him occasionally. Of course I am, and will probably always be, permitted to do his laundry, give him and his friends drives all over the place, make his meals and of course give him back rubs :-)
I guess in the big scheme of things I am lucky to be able to do all those things...he sleeps at home instead of under the railway bridge...he also makes us laugh, occasionally walks his dog and helps his sister with her homework.
I love my son - Happy Birthday Dylan!!!!


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