Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Full moon, turkey weekend and Saturday from hell

So...I had to have the car fixed on Friday - $600.00 later, I drove it for maybe 20Km, parked it at home overnight tried to go to the store on Saturday morning but the car refused to stay in gear - it was crazy. I checked the fluid levels and it turns out there was not a drop of transmission fluid left. Oh well, it's Thanksgiving weekend, I don't need a car?!Later that day I decided to paint the doorway because it had been repaired ages ago and still unpainted. Julia was playing with her friend Julia so I got really motivated and decided to touch up the baseboards all the way up the stairs. Did a good job too except on the way back down I dropped the open can of paint on the carpeted stairs and landing. I normally swear like a sailor but this time I only managed "Oh for God's sake!".....3 hours later the paint got all sucked up by the shop vac (thank goodness I inherited one) I got myself cleaned up, got the girls off to be and settled in front of the TV to eat a well deserver bowl of salt and vinegar chips. Not 5 minutes later Julia's friend comes down not feeling well, she looked pale and clammy and was really unwell. She said she had a headache and asked for a pain pill, she didn't want to go home so I took her back up to bed. When we got to the top of the stairs, we were just about to around the dog to Julia's room when she doubled over and hurled the contents of her stomach all over the dog. Poor Jack got up, shook it off and walked off indignantly into my room and lied down on my bed!!!!!!I got him off the covers, removed the duvet cover, wiped the dog. Helped the poor kid clean up and got her settled down in bed. An hour later, the shop vac full again (this time barfy water) I febreezed the dog and went straight for the shower. Did I mention I just quit smoking ???? So - if you ever think you're having a bad day.....By the way, still not smoking :-)


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