Friday, April 29, 2005

let's give a big hand to MOM

Therese Valois passed away peacefully on Monday, April 25th. she fell asleep in her favourite chair in her home across the street from me. I'll miss the chats we used to have on her steps as we both went out to cool off on hot summer nights, i'll miss her kind smile. the service was lovely, her son in-law read a beautiful eulogy and at the end we all clapped...first for the family and friends, then the church personnel and then the priest said "let's give a big hand to MOM" and we all clapped as her sons carried her down the isle out of the church... Someone i know once said that he always wanted to clap at funerals and i thought that it was exactly how i felt, the final ovation at last curtain but it wasn't until yesterday that i was able to do it....


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