Wednesday, June 30, 2004


driving in this morning i listened to a conversation a radio host was having with a researcher from Carleton U. this researcher just got a substantial grant to set up a happiness research lab to study happiness. one thing the researcher said was that happiness has a huge influence on productivity and health. it seems that unhappy people tend to get sick a lot and that really hit close to home (work). many of my co-workers have been getting sick lately, not just your average sick though. some have a cold that lingers for days and doesn't seem to get better, some have developed strange symptoms of immunodeficiency.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


every time I get online my son's msn connects automatically. i watch the names of his friends load and ponder their complexities. some profess undying love for one particular girl or boy, whatever the flavour of the week happens to be, others quote lyrics from favourite songs and then the odd one states his or her name. these really stand out, the bizarre and unique blend with the other bizarre and unique but the ordinary name stands out, easily noticed.

I'm on the air...

now that i'm here i can talk all i want and not worry about talking out of turn...yeah!